Tuesday, September 30, 2014

20 NEW Cake Design Ideas!!!

Hi friends!!

I'm giddy...SUPER giddy today!! :)

I get to share with all of you one of the BIG things I've been working for the past few months!!  

Are you ready...

...are you sure???

Here it is...
I have a STORE!!! - filled with TONS of cake designs!!

20 to be exact...but who's counting!!!  Teeheee!! :)

Right now, because my new site isn't up and running yet, you can find them all over on Craftsy's Pattern Library.  Click HERE to take you there!!

All of these designs were created using a handful of readily available cutters or icing tips and my wax paper transfer method.  It's a technique I came up with that allows you to transfer any graphic/design onto a cake in a clean and very precise way.  

Have you ever tried to do floating polka dots on a cake?? - or any floating pattern for that matter?!?!?  How about horizontal stripes or chevron patterns!!  It's SO hard to keep fondant from stretching out or getting tiny decorations straight, even and lined up!! - and it can take forever!!  

But now you can execute sweet polka dots or bold horizontal stripes like on this cake in less time and have perfect results!!
All backgrounds are called "Bakedrops" by Sugar High, Inc.
I came up with this technique in that hour of frustration when I just wanted my cakes to look cleaner and more precise without spending hours doing it!! - and I teach it all in my first Craftsy class, "Clean & Simple Cake Design".  Now, when I put these design templates together, I assumed you already have taken this class (because over 18,000 of you have - crazy!!  THANK YOU!!!).  But, if you haven't, no worries!  There are TWO pages of written instructions in the PDF packets so you'll probably figure it out! - but that being said, I'd highly recommend taking the class anyway because there is much much more to it than just the wax paper transfer method (like how to get clean & precise cakes to start out with)...plus, when you see me do it, it'll answer a TON of questions for you!! :)  For 50% off, click HERE.
I create my cake designs in AutoCAD then use them for this technique.  I know most of you don't have access to that program, so I'm taking it upon myself to design cakes for you! :) YAY!!!  This is the BEST and my most FAVORITE part of cake making!!  I LOVE to design!  It makes my heart happy!  

So...allow me to be your design headquarters.  A place of inspiration that will change the way you make cakes.  You'll be able to achieve any pattern or graphic on a cake in less time using my templates.  

It's a win-win!!

I have SO many more patterns and designs!  I just need more time!! :)  Seriously...I think I still have 25-30 I want to make.  It was SO hard to narrow it down to the first 20 but hopefully I gave you all a range of ideas.

My plan is to launch a "Design of the Week" every week.  I probably won't be able to make real cakes every week (I LOVE being a mom more than designing cakes...so I do that 98% of the time...thanks for understanding).  But I will get out a digital design like this one hopefully every week...
It's not as pretty as a real cake...but I know you all are SUPER smart and get the idea of what the actual cake will look like!!  - and these digital designs are exactly like the real thing...just cartoonized (is that a word?!)! :)  Plus, I don't think you need to see a "real" cake to get the idea.  You will start to see more and more digital designs  like this "Geometric Triangles" one you can find in my store.

Now...I need your help!!!
Because I want to be your source of inspiration and design and help you pull off those graphic patterns you just can't figure out, I'd love for you to send me pictures when you see a design that would be perfect as a cake!!  I'm not promising the moon, but if you'd love to turn it into a cake, then send it on over to me and perhaps I could create that design and it would become the Design of the Week!!  I'd send you a free template so you could make it for yourself and I can post your name, website or Facebook info to say THANKS!! I'm always looking for new ideas...and you never know when those patterns may jump up in your face and say, "MAKE ME INTO A CAKE!!"  So...keep your eyes open for me and shoot me a photo when you find something that would be fun to create!!  You can post a pic on my Facebook page HERE or leave it in the comments below.

Thank you SO much friends for all your love, encouragement and support!!  You guys are the best cake friends a girl could ask for!!

For more info on me and the classes I teach with BIG discounts, click my profile HERE.

Stay tune!!  More designs a-coming!! :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

My New Name!!

Hi friends!!

I have a new name!! - and a new logo!!
Pretty soon you'll be seeing more BIG changes here on the website.  I've got a BIG secret project I've been working on for a while and can't wait to announce...countdown!! :)  But for now...my name change is the first of a few things that you'll see different here on the blog.

Also, if you follow me on Facebook, you'll see my name changing over there too.  Right now, the url has changed to Jessica Harris Cake Design, so if you can't find me now, and want to follow so you can stay tuned in on future updates, click HERE and like my page!!  If you try and find me via "Jessicakes Blog" over on Facebook, that page is no longer active.  Hopefully in the next 2 weeks, the name change will take place and everything will be less confusing.

Stick around...I can't wait to share with you all the new things to come!! :)

EEEEEK....I'm so excited!!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Birthday Breakfast Waffles

I love waffles!  Oh the crunchy goodness of warm butter and maple syrup makes them our favorite morning treat!! YUM!

But, I'm not very good at making them because they can be kinda messy so they are only for very special occasions when we have NOTHING going on that morning!! :) - I'm sorta a lazy mommy at times! Don't hate me!

"But, Jessica...this is a cake blog! - why are you discussing waffles!???", you may ask.

Because THESE waffles are made with...wait for it...wait for it...
Cake Mix Waffles sq4
...wait for it....okay...now - CAKE BATTER!!!!

So, now I have a GREAT reason to make them...birthday breakfasts!!!!!  My kids are going to freak out!!  I can't wait!!

Thanks to The Black Peppercorn, now you can too!!  Steve shows you how to make them using box cake mix...to save time.  But you can make them with any cake batter recipe!!  Yippie!!!
Cake Mix Waffles sq2
Click HERE for his site and blog post on how to create your own yummy morning treat!!  Thanks Steve for such a fantastic idea!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How to make an open rose cupcake topper

I love this simple idea for a beautiful open rose on top of a cupcake. 
  Make the petals individually and press them into the buttercream to make a big, beautiful open rose.

 Thank you to Sweet Revelation for this great tutorial!!  GORGEOUS!!

And, for another rose cake/cupcake idea, look at these beauties by Debbie Brown!!  You can find the tutorial in her book, "Dream Wedding Cakes".


TONS of cake and cupcake flavor ideas!!


If you need some great inspiration and new cupcake recipes, Crazy Little Projects has put 25 amazing cupcake recipes all in one place!! 

Look at those beautiful treats!!

OH my!! My mouth is watering...and I'm sure yours will be too! 

Click HERE to check them all out...and be inspired!! 

Also, Jennifer Shae with Trophy Cupcakes has a new online class out with tons of super fun flavors and techniques on getting beautiful and tasty cupcakes.  See her class HERE.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Favorite Color Inspiration Boards

I love Pinterest!

I can spend HOURS...or perhaps it's waste hours looking and looking and just getting lost in such beautiful photographs and fun ideas!!!

I've been looking for new color ideas and inspiration boards lately and thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you!!
Modern, sleek and stylish...pink, gray and black!!  Gorgeous!

 Love these shades of green!  It's amazing how subtle changes in shades can give you such a simple and beautiful look!

 Long time favorite...coral and turquoise!!

 Rustic Browns, Golds and Creams...oh my!!  Perfect for those rustic touches!

 Orange is my favorite color! - I love the dramatic gray and orange combo here!  Very daring!

 Navy blue is rocking my world right now!  I'm LOVING it!  Especially paired with gold or coral.  Oh my...so sophisticated and classy!

Stunning!  Navy blue, green and pink...subtle class right here!

What colors are you loving together these days!!  Post a comment below and tell me what combos are rocking your world!! :)